Shenzhen Xin’xin’he Technology (previous name: Shenzhen Enough Power Technology ) headquartered in Shenzhen, China, is a power solutions company, providing smart chargers and Li-ion batteries. We are committed to provide consumers real rated and solid quality products including 18650,  21700, 20700, 26650 batteries and smart chargers.


Golisi batteries are designed for high-drain discharging purpose and this brand has seen tremendous growth and use in ecig , drone, toys areas,  and they are comparable with those Korean / Japanese brands: for example, S30 VS VTC6A; S26 VS VTC5A; G30 is equivalent to HG2; G25 is an alternative to 25R. Moreover, we can provide what Sony Samsung can’t offer:
Certificates for imports / Quality requirements:
CE, ROHS, FCC, WEEE, IEC62133, (UL is on process)
CB certificates by TUV


 and Insurance to protect our end users:

Product Liability Insurance worldwide


We appreciate your trust choosing Golisi products. We are, and will continue to provide high cost-effective products to our fans